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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

BobRisky clears haters,says he makes $288k per year


Nigerian Male barbie who is popularly known for his feminine ways,Bobrisky declared his annual income via snapchat.

He also addressed his haters that the person they are hating on makes up to $288k annually.

He further analyzed that he sells a "Full package" of his cream at the rate of $400 and he make sales of at least 2 full packaged cream($800) per day resulting to sales of 60 per month and amounting to $24000 per month which makes $288k in a year.

Seems she's making a lot of money..
BobRisky clears haters,says she makes $288k per year

BobRisky clears haters,says she makes $288k per year

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