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News Section

We have Navigation for News,A section where happenings around the world is being updated,we source for our news everywhere but the source to every news we post is always written in a bracket and the end of the news..

As shown below:

Sports Section

We also have a Navigation for Sports where Updates on all kinds of sport are being posted.Also ,the source to the Sport News posted is always written in bracket at the end of the post.

Gist Section

Again,we have another Navigation for Gists  where updates on Gists(mostly on celebrities) are being posted. Also the source to each gist posted will be written in bracket at the end of the post.

Stories Section

Our Navigation for stories has being quite non functional for some times now,mainly because we haven't gotten a source for cool and meaningful stories. We hereby plead to you to bear with Us for it will be back soon.

Discussions Section

Our Navigation for Discussions consist of issues and questions which we'll want every of our viewers to take part in by commenting on topics being given.It has not being functioning well because people do not participate by posting comments.  Please whenever our Discussion section is back, try to participate by posting comments.#Thanks

Please Try to always express your opinions and thoughts on every of how posts by posting comments..

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